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greenhouse management page

ratios & concentrations for constant feeding with water soluble fertilizers fertilizer calculations for greenhouse crops how to use pH & EC pens to monitor greenhouse crop nutrition adjusting alkalinity with acids sampling & interpreting the results of greenhouse soil tests water quality: pH & alkalinity sprayers & spray application techniques

plant nutrition

pest management

cleaning & disinfecting the greenhouse pesticide storage IPM scouting & decision making biological control: greenhouse pests & their natural enemies sprayers & spray application techniques aphids on greenhouse crops fungus gnats & shore flies mealybugs in greenhouses

disease & their control

bacterial blight of geranium biofungicides botrytis blight of greenhouse crops diagnosing plant diseases of floriculture crops downy mildews of ornamental plants foliar nematodes leaf spot diseases of floriculture crops powdery mildew diseases of ornamental plants root diseases of greenhouse crops rust diseases of ornamental crops virus indicator plants

weeds & their control

managing weeds in & around the greenhouse weed management for outdoor cut flowers preventing rodent damage in greenhouses

animal pests

preventing rodent damage to overwintering perennials Clipboard logo-p19bqfa7tenmbetk9c1b1n4 Powdery_mildew_on_pumpkin_leaves_1 Aphids-Close-Up_lowres